Friday 3 July 2015

G/GW on 47GHz

Not the first G/GW Contact on 47GHz but my first contact with Keith GW3TKH/P,
again from Coaley Peak Viewpoint in Gloucestershire to Wenault Hill, Cardiff. Equipment at my end was a DB6NT transverter & Oscillator - not frequency locked as I had forgotten the lead! Power output at my end was about 150uW into a 40cm dish. Keith was running about 100mW or so into a slightly smaller dish and frequency locked to a Rubidium source. After 5 minutes hunting around in frequency & azimuth I heard Keith's test transmission. Having peaked our dishes we exchanged 53/58 reports on SSB over the 67km path. All done in about 10 minutes but very satisfying as the path was slightly obscured at the Cardiff end by treetops.

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