Friday 24 July 2015

GJ/GU on 47GHz

As Keith,GW3TKH and I were going to Jersey to take part in the July 5.7GHz/10GHz contest, we decided to take our 47GHz equipment and try making a contact between Jersey and Guernsey. Path loss predictions showed that the path should go quite easily if we could find each other's signal. As it's now the holiday season the ferries were full and the only chance we had was Friday although the weather forecast was dreadful. I got set up late morning on Guernsey operating as GU4HQX/P and started listening for Keith GJ3TKH/P. We were both locked to 10MHz references and after a couple of minutes found Keith's signal. After peaking both antennas we worked on FM with 59 signals both ways. I then had a quick QSO with Robin GJ3TKF/P for his first contact above 23cm! and a quick 10Ghz contact with Keith using open waveguide as his antenna. As soon as we finished the heavens opened and I packed up after a successful mini expedition!

                                        Operating from car park at Jerbourg Point

                                               Close up of my 47GHz equipment 

View toward Jersey

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